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Project Augustine Hits the Ground Running with 2021 Internship Opportunities

After a rigorous interview process, our Spring 2021 interns have been chosen. The internship program began on February 1st, 2021 and will come to a close on April 26th, 2021. Internship tracks within the organization have been assigned to the following 8 eager interns:

  • Yair Aragundi (Fundraising & Grant Writing)

  • Kyla Cameron (Non-Profit Development & Leadership)

  • Jennifer Dial (Non-Profit Development & Leadership)

  • Regan Elliot (Fundraising & Grant Writing, with a future program focus)

  • Victor Fernandez (Bookkeeping & Accounting)

  • Timothy Laney (Fundraising & Grant Writing, with a corporate in-kind donation focus)

  • Beverly Stephens (Fundraising & Grant Writing, with current program focus)

  • Dylan Tsolakos (Historic Preservation)

Although each internship track has its own goals, all interns will hone skills such as collaboration, business communication, and project management. Despite our group of interns connecting remotely from various parts of the U.S to complete these tasks, they have something important in common. Each of the people we chose believe that the restoration of St. Augustine church and the community that surrounds her are worth fighting for.

Project Augustine is currently accepting applications for the Summer 2021 internship program until February 28th, 2021.

To apply for Summer 2021, CLICK HERE.

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