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Happy 125th, St. A!

125 years ago, St. Augustine's cornerstone was dedicated by Archbishop Kain, in front of a crowd of nearly 10,000. Help us celebrate by supporting our stabilization and preservation efforts!


  • Donations of $125+ receive a special edition thank you gift, which includes your own piece of St. A history.

  • Donations of $500+ also receive an engraved donor brick in the community garden path.

  • Donations of $1250+ also receive an invitation to our end-of-year open table discussion event.

All donors, regardless of amount, will be recognized on our online donor list (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Visit to give. ALL donations go directly toward stabilization and restoration costs.

BONUS: Your employer might match your contribution! Use our Double the Donation search tool to find out if your employer offers employee donation or volunteer hour matching!

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