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Neighborhood Watch Program

The illegal dumping continues...

This happens more often than you think. Project Augustine's mission is MUCH bigger than fixing an old building (and that part is big enough on its own). Admin paperwork, project planning, permits, fundraising, interviews, board meetings...just a few of the behind the scenes pieces you will probably never see a social media post about.

Right now, we also have ongoing issues with illegal dumping, vandalism, and trespassing on the St. Augustine property. If you are a registered volunteer, please consider signing up for our neighborhood watch list by responding to the email sent 4/4/2020. List members will be assigned a day of the week to help us keep an eye on the church and report illegal dumping or suspicious activity (at least until our construction fence goes up).

Not a registered volunteer? Sign up here. Coronavirus may be slowing us down, but it sure isn’t going to stop us. This is one VERY important way you can help us until regular volunteer activities can begin again.

Thank you!

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