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Project Augustine Announces Community Garden Site


After 7 months of waiting, we’re ready to announce our community garden will be established where the "Potential Is Just 1/2" homes once stood. Check it out at 2833/2835 St. Louis Avenue.

Volunteer dates for buildout, planting, harvest, and maintenance will be available all summer/fall.

Like a lot of people, we were disappointed to see these iconic buildings demolished last year. The meaning behind the street art - “Potential Is Just 1/2” - really resonated with us and we’ve always tried to draw on that same ideology through our work with Project Augustine. This site is just a few blocks from St. A, and we jumped on the chance to have our garden here when we saw it.

We will be part of the Gateway Greening community garden network, and will be partnering with local businesses and organizations to distribute most of the produce to area families in need. All areas of the garden will be maintained using Korean Natural Farming principles. We’re really stoked about this, and hope you are, too.

Sign up to volunteer here.

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